Great Grandmaster Allen J. Chinn's Bio
  • Started training Kung-Fu in 1964
  • Won the 1975 Washington State Karate Championships Black Belt Weapons Division at the age of 18.
  • Created the style of Yee Jong Kune Do in 1974-1975.
  • 1988 he was the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Chinese Martial Arts Division Regional Director for Region 12.
  • 1988 Created Yee Jong Pai Family of Kung-Fu: Baat ying Baat Faat / Yhien Dhoy Ghin Suk / Luk Ying Duin Dah.
  • Featured in numerous magazines articles in Inside Kung-Fu, Black Belt, Karate Kung-Fu Illustrated, and Tae Kwon Do Times.
  • Performed in numerous West Coast Can-Am and Western Canadian Chinese Martial Arts and Masters Exhibitions.
  • Promoter of the Seattle martial arts community through 18 annual World of Martial Arts Exhibitions.
  • Promoter of the sword arts through his Day of the Swordsman event.
  • Promoter of the Women's Self-Defense and Martial Arts Fair.
  • Worked in the firearms industry since 1975.

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